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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join2day.com when there are hundreds of other servers?

        1. Quality 

       Our dedicated server can handle: 
       · 50,000 file transfers, 
       · 140,000 emails, 
       · 7,000,000 web page requests per day. 
       · 100 MB Ethernet port on a high-speed 155Mbps backbone. 
       We have our dedicated server with The Netnation Communications (Canada) that has been consistently ranked among the  top 10 Web hosts  in the world by several industry evaluators including HostIndex. We have multiple connections, battery backup  and emergency power generator, climate controlled environment, 24 hour 365 day monitoring of the connections, and the servers. The Company joins an elite group of elite registrars that includes Network Solutions, America Online, and France Telecom. 

       2. Free training

       Just $300/year for: 
       - 50 MB at the superior quality server 
       - free internet business training (usually costs thousands) 
       - free internet marketing training (usually costs thousands) 
       - an option to order a professional web site at a substantial discount (coming soon) 

       3. Opportunity 

       The most important is an opportunity to take part in the profitable internet business from the very beginning. You can build a sales network and profit from all the sales to unlimited level of depth. This is an opportunity for those who want to build a substantial long-term income for their hard work. 

Why web hosting?

There’s nothing more promoted today than the Internet. Everybody knows that there is big money made in the Net from scratch by savvy entrepreneurs. Now we are witnessing the explosive growth of web site numbers. Today less than 1% of the population of developed countries own web sites, but the reasonable estimation is that everybody needs at least 2 personal web pages. One site as a Business Card and another as a Photo Album or hobby site. I do not count all Internet home business start-ups or such-like. 

Why not open a web page at a free server? 

A lot of “free site" owners are fed up with annoying ads and pop up windows. They understand that there is no  free lunch in web hosting and are ready to pay for quality and freedom. Free web hosts usually do not support CGI scripts etc.

What kind of growth rate to expect? 

There were 168,000,000 Internet users on 01/2000 and expected to be more than 400,000,000 to 01/2001. We think that there will be 1 billion of Internet users within next 3 years. Employment, dating, stock trading are now more popular online than offline. A lot of government services are
       moved to the Net. The list is endless… 
       Every business has to establish its web presence and promote it. 

Do I need a start-up capital for this business? 

 In fact a lot of Internet businesses were built using home computer and dial up Internet connection.You can build a global virtual business using internet technologies without any investment, office or storage. Do you have a hobby? Maybe you are sitting on a treasure chest. Hobby web sites are among the most popular both with Net users and advertisers. 
                Domain names are a real bargain and get-rich-quick opportunity. Just register a name ($70 for two years) with commercial appeal and you can sell it right away for a good profit. Some lucky people sold domain names for more than a million dollars each. Take into account that the supply of unused words is quickly running out and if today some names do not cost much, in couple of years they will be in great demand. Good example of Internet business: sell $100 bills for $90 on your site and you will be rich like Amazon.com that is losing $300 millions every year but its market capitalization exceeds 11 billion dollars.

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