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Join2day.com Internet Business and Marketing Training

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       1. Introduction to the Internet business. 

       Internet perspectives. The differences between online and offline business. Various forms of online business proved to be successful. Success stories. How to develop a commercial project in the Internet without significant Investments. 

       2. Internet Marketing. How to build a successful web site. 

       How important is the first impression of your web site visitors. What the heck is HTML? The right choice of colors, text and a background considering Internet surfers psychology. Graphics. How to trim images. Web site with optimal navigation. How to become a professional webmaster. How to recruit new Distributors through your web site.  Articles...

       3. Search Engines and Directories.

       Structure and features of Search Engines. Structure and features of Directories. Hybrids and  paid  Directories. How to index your site successfully with Search Engines. How to submit your site to Directories. Tips on how to achieve higher rating in Search Engines and Directories. Articles...

       4. Marketing through Banners and Reciprocal Links. 

       Importance of links in the Internet. Whom to exchange links with. Marketing through link exchange. How to track your links. Statistics data processing. Web-rings. How to buy links. Banner advertising. Banner standards and new technologies. Banner positioning on your web page. Evaluation of banner ads effectiveness. Secrets of successful banner advertising. 

       5. Email Marketing. 

       What is spam and how to avoid it. Legal email marketing. Why email marketing is so effective. Mailing Lists and how to use them successfully. Building of your own Mailing Lists Discussion Lists and how to use them successfully. Usenet and Web-conferences. Classified ads and Message Boards. Personal letters. 

       6. How to make your web site sticky. 

       Why content is a king. How to research your visitors. Search programs. How to use interactivity. Automatic news feed. Lucky days for e-commerce. A Wonderland of Free. The most effective free tools and gifts to glue visitors to your web site. Sticky web design.  How to build a community on your site. 

7. Planning and starting eCommerce project

The key steps of planning and implementing an eCommerce strategy for your organization. Guidelines for an eCommerce strategy. Identification of realistic time frames and resources required to implement the plan. The competitive eCommerce landscape. Personnel training and motivation.
What value do we provide our internal and external constituents?
Who are our competitors, and what are their strengths?
What are the current and potential industry and economic forces
that shape our business?
What are related industries and companies experiencing?
What are your companys core competencies?
Technology (hardware & software)
Human resources
Organization culture that can embrace and adapt to change
Management and resource commitment

8. Business-to-Consumer Marketing and eCommerce Strategies

Mass Marketing vs. Target Marketing. 
Customer Retention - the value of customer retention
and loyalty: lifetime value of a customer
Mass Customization - the ability to customize products
on a mass basis, requiring a one-to-one dialogue
Buyer values - understanding what the customers are
really looking for
Customer equity - placing the emphasis on customer
equity instead of brand equity
Target customers - obtaining a targeted audience through
customer information
The increasing number of choices consumers have. Competition for attracting and retaining customers. Consumers and businesses access to real-time information requiring faster decision-making.
Interactivity. Fast response. Global reach. Tailored and targeted information. Compressed marketing/sales cycle. Customer Relationship Marketing.

9. Business-to-Consumer eCommerce Implementation
Critical tools and issues. How to Attract And Maintain Customer Attention. Identify the Product/Service Your Organization Can Provide. Building an on-line presence. Maintaining and Enhancing your Web Site. Internet based shopping. Issues and challenges. Consumer Adoption of Technologies

10. Payment/Transaction Systems
Electronic cash. Electronic checks. Credit Cards. Merchant account or Billing services. Smart cards. COD. Taxation Issues. Customer Service.

11. Technical Issues

How to identify the best eCommerce software package for your business.  How to chose the best platform for your project. How to build a dream team to run your business. Web site developer.

12. Logistics and order fulfillment

Building an order fulfillment service. Shipping. Models of an order fulfillment. Outsourcing. FSP. Drop-Ship. The Contract. International Orders.

13. Customer Service

A Customer Service Strategy. Separate Technology. The Entire Solution. Automated Customer Service. Outsourcing.

14. Consultants and Vendors

Selecting a consultant. The Consultants Role and Qualification. Work Plan. Selecting a Vendor. Vendor Evaluation.

15. The Future

The Challenges. Factors that Can Slow Growth. Security. Privacy. Globalization. Wireless and M-Commerce. XML. ASP.


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